Winery and France Week

Hi everyone and as always welcome back to this week in pictures. It has been a very busy week and just got back from France yesterday, thus the little delay. Had a commercial job for a little winery in Provence together with my darling Viveaver over the weekend so lots of pictures taken and now the gigantic task of editing down the shots to the best of the best. I also had to chance to take some pictures of the charming little village Les Arcs sur Argens, some adorable Finnish dogs and a couple of beautiful portraits so a great variety this week.

As part of the commercial work for Chateau Clarettes I wanted to create something special and as you all know my love for multiple exposure here are the two first example shots.

Canon 6d, 100mm, f/9  ISO 250, 1/160sec

‘Chateau Clarettes’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/3,2  ISO 250, 1/25sec

Really happy with these two shots as they bring a bit more to the table than just a static image and it embodies the feeling I wanted to portray.

I had a chance to get some new portraits of my darling in there too and I really think these three turned out fantastic.

As for the surroundings it really was a beautiful place with winding roads and small medieval villages. I worked hard on my compositions to try and create a feel for the area and this is a shot I really enjoyed how it turned out.

‘Road to perdition’
Canon 6d, Sigma 35mm, f/5  ISO 320, 1/250sec

Tried giving that mystic feel to this beautiful early morning scene of the area and I love those type of curves and how they come out in a photo.

Walking into the village I came across this little scene which I took from behind a wall to a cemetery.

‘Behind the walls’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/3,2  ISO 125, 1/4000sec

Love how you can create something beautiful out of something so simple and super happy with the composition.

The wonderful caretakers of the Chateau where we stayed were really wonderful people and their three dogs were just as adorable and managed to snap some good shots of them too and here is one of my favorites of the youngest one Martha.

‘Cuteness overload’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/3,5  ISO 250, 1/1250sec

This little one was just too playful and very happy I could catch her in true state.

As we are at the end autumn I thought I would finish off with a lovely fall shot from France that I walked by as I think it symbolizes the changes between seasons.

‘In between’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/4,5  ISO 125, 1/100sec

Love these type of scenes with contrasts in colors and nature showcasing its finest beauty.

That was a small selection from this week and I hope you enjoy it. Now its time to catch up on the Swedish autumn and see if I can catch something beautiful before all leaves fall off.

Be well for now and have a great week


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