The beauty of negative space

We all know the importance of a good composition in photography but which ones make for the biggest impact? You might be familiar with the rule of thirds, symmetry, leading lines etc. Personally I have to go with negative space as my absolute favorite as it really gives the eye something spectacular to look at. It is the one rule of composition that isolates the subject in a brilliant way and when you look at it gives that soothing and feeling of ‘being right’.

Composition is such an intriguing world as you can never really say exactly what it is that you love about a specific image but somehow people have found exciting ways to explain it. Negative space is however the easiest in my opinion but the results can be absolutely stunning so if you want to try and give your photos that little bit of extra edge make sure to think about the space between and around the objects in your photos. Give your subject a sense of dimension and once you start to think a bit more about this concept you will start to see a big improvement in your photography. Here is an example gallery to give you some ideas and pointers and explain the concept in a more visual way.

As you can see, the composition rule of negative space can be applied in so many different ways and it is really up to you how you want to go about it. Good luck and do not hesitate to send me links of yours on the subject.
Andreas Samuelsson