Summer vibes

Just me checking back in again and this time I am a happy man because we have actually had a day with over 20 degrees and the summer vibe has finally reached this part of the world so we ran out for an improvised photo excursion with this beautiful place in full bloom.

I ll go through some of my favourite pictures from the session shot by shot and go through my thought process to how they came about.


As we were walking around we found this random swing hanging down from the trees and it made up for a fantastic prop to create a very different scene with a lot of summer emotions with strong yellow and the green grass and clear sky to give the shot contrast.

woman-in red-dress-summer

Continuing with using the swing to create this more dreamy look with a bit more out of focus background to give a more moody feel to the shot.


Leaving the forest and swing I found this beautiful summer scene. Such a classic Swedish landscape scene and wanted to create a wonderful contrast between the red dress and yellow rapeseed field and I think it really speaks for itself.

With the beautiful yellow fields all over the place now it is very hard to avoid and with this beautiful red dress to match it with every single shot really makes for something spectacular.


With everything in bloom and these fantastic green forests there really is an abundance of places to to use and wanted to create a strong composition through rule of thirds, barefoot and a strong color against the dark asphalt and holding the shoes to balance up the shot.


I wanted to finish up this little post with my beautiful girlfriend, partner in crime, fellow photographer and in this session marvellous model in a very pretty vertical shot with our gorgeous Swedish landscape in the background.

Hope you have enjoyed my summary from this little improvised evening session and I look forward to hearing your comments.

Have a lovely weekend


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