Strong Portraits Week

Welcome back to this week in pictures and unfortunately once again sorry for the delay but it has been a very busy weekend but here it goes. Have so much editing to go through related to work so do not really have that much new material produced to choose from this week apart from some family portrait photography so lets focus this weeks edition on that. Kids have an ability to be much more natural in front of the camera than adults and even though creating portraits of kids that brings out strong character can be challenging I pride myself with being pretty decent at it.

Our experiences and just getting through life marks us physically and many people have very strong facial features that tell a story. So how to manage getting a kids face to tell a story? The main thing is to capture their essence in the moment when you have the camera in your hand and then using small tools in post production to play on those features that you pick up on during the photo shoot. This first shot I am really happy with as I think I managed to catch a depth that is very seldom caught in kids.

Canon 6d, 100mm, f/2,8  ISO 400, 1/400sec

There is such a strong sense of depth in her eyes and a sincerity and seriousness to her. It just feels like a very honest portrait.

‘In the moment’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/3,5  ISO 400, 1/1600sec

Here the emotions I picked up were of a kid who lives in the moment, someone who takes everything as it comes, a kid who looks at everything with the beautiful naivety only a kid can have.

Sometimes you run into people that have an old soul. Just as if they have already experienced life and they give off a strong sense of experience and I think my next shot is a great example of that.

Canon 6d, 100mm, f/4,5  ISO 250, 1/60sec

If you ever wondered what determination in a kid looks like here you go. That look says it all, an old soul that gives a very strong sense of knowing who she is and what she wants to be. Very proud of this shot as it is very moving to me.

As I always prefer quality over quantity I only keep to my very best on this weeks theme so this next one will be the last one for this week.

‘Swedish autumn from a kids perspective’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/4  ISO 250, 1/60sec

This little fellow was not too happy about the Swedish autumn and as with most kids, they are not very good at hiding it but it is so refreshing as they are very straight to the point and honest about it. He was a brave trooper defying something he wasnt too keen on and I think it turned out to be a lovely portrait.

Thank you all for this week and hope you enjoyed a bit of my in depth portrait photography from this week.

Be well y hasta la proxima


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