Red Carpet Moments

Photography is a lot about expanding your own mind and coming up with new ideas and creative settings to produce something out of the ordinary and this can be achieved in many ways.

One of the most obvious routes is the actual styling and setting of a scene through for example clothes that stand out or simply choosing a really cool setting for your shoot and then style it to your liking. As for myself I came across this huge red carpet that I thought at some point would be cool to incorporate into a scene and I wanted to make it into a contrast with nature. I had however underestimated the weight of the bastard so by the end of the scene I had my physical exercise of the day ticked of as well…

We decided to drag it down to the beach and make a red carpet display as a contrast to the ocean and I think the shots turned out awesome.

Here are some samples from the shoot

I am constantly thinking about new ideas on how to create those shots that stand out from the ordinary and I think these kind of photos will look awesome on the wall.
What about you guys? Any creative photography projects in the pipeline?

Have a lovely Wednesday