Mallorca Week

Welcome back for a week in pictures although I must apologize for the delay. During this one we actually get to transport ourselves over to the lovely island of Mallorca and the blistering heatwave but I did managed a couple of good shots from the beautiful island capital Palma.

I took a great variety of shots so it will be everything from the creative portraits to the extremely colorful city scenes and everything in between.

Lets start off with a street scene from a late Saturday afternoon in one of the parks in Palma. I encountered some guys skateboarding back and forth in front of a fountain so I managed to get this shot of one of the guys.

‘Passing by’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/13  ISO 250, 1/1600sec

Love how the scene turned out and how the water gives such a special feel to the image.
I wanted to create a very dark silhouette feel as they were passing by on their skateboards and really happy with the result.

Walking around in the city center it is very lively and you are thrown between the daily lives of the Mallorquins and all the tourists exploring the city. Therefore you never really know what you will encounter looking around the corner into another little alley which brings me to the next shot taken in the areas around the fantastic cathedral in one of the little alleys.

‘A lost time’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/4 ISO 250, 1/2500sec

Horse and carriage is something that is very popular in the city of Palma for the tourists but in this particular case the carriage was of the beaten path carrying no tourists and I got a strong sense of feel of the past when seeing it and with the backdrop I felt it made sense to create a concept  that plays on history and time.

To counter the play on history and time I found another scene which portrays the absolute opposite.

Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/6,3 ISO 250, 1/60sec

On the other side of the cathedral you cannot avoid the insane contrasts through the hordes of tourists and here the horse and carriage transforms into a simple method of transportation connected to a sense of romanticism. So with the “when given lemons make lemonade” way of approaching things I tried to put emphasis on the romantic side.

Going back to all the wonderful streets and alleys of Palma again much can be said but I ll let the visuals speak instead.

‘Sunset alley’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/4  ISO 400, 1/250sec

One of many beautiful alleys that can be found in Palma but perhaps one of the few that was empty for a minute or two at least.

Mallorca is of course not only about Palma so had to explore some other places as well so had a look at the village of Sóller. Arriving it was extremely hot and being all surrounded by mountains it was quite demanding to walk around. But every now and then you see small things that make you stop and document.

‘The beautiful gutter’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/5  ISO 250, 1/1250sec

It was such a striking little scene and it honestly felt as if nature itself had arranged it all just to cover up an ugly man-made gutter.

Sóller also gave me a chance to catch my girlfriend in a very interesting street scene with a shot that turned out absolutely beautiful thanks to some awesome shadows.

‘Force majeure’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/3,5 ISO 250, 1/4000sec

Managed to get a fantastic shadow area covering all the areas that I wanted to play a bit on the concept of force majeure and personal prison caused by outstanding events that you cannot control or avoid.

I took a lot of shots during the mini weekend but just wanted to showcase a small selection. Other shots of interest from the trip will be posted on my portfolio page here

So to finish off this weeks photos we turn to Cala Blava, a residential area a bit outside of Palma overlooking the bay watching a beautiful sunset as the island life slowly turns into night as madame nature decides to turn the lights off.

‘As the day comes to an end’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/3,5  ISO 640, 1/2000sec

So thank you all for this week and see you all back here in a couple of days when we will be back to a lot of portraits.

Be well and have fun



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