Kullaberg Photo Excursion

One of the best aspects to photography is the improvisation part, having fun and just take your camera out and shoot. I believe it is of utmost importance to never lose this part of yourself on your road to becoming a better photographer. I have always advocated the importance of always doing your own little photo excursions. Either you just go outside with nothing planned or you can have a little idea of yours that you want to try and execute, either one make sure you keep the improvisation and fun part in it. I am fortunate enough to have a partner that shares my passion in life, thus I have it very easy to take a Saturday or Sunday and go out with our cameras and feed of each others creativity.

This past Saturday as the weather wasn’t dreadful as it usually is in this part of the world in January we packed some bags with clothes and went up to a nature reserve some 45 minute drive from here and just went around the area playing around with some commercial fashion ideas we had in mind. Lots of fun and we managed some 900 pictures and really happy with the end results.

There is something very magical with a woman wearing this type of outfit in morning light in a forest. Kullaberg nature reserve really has some beautiful settings and backdrops and this simple shot turned out lovely.

What is so fascinating about light is that just by turning another way can make your image stand out completely from a shot you took just a few feet away. We found this spot in the forest where the sunlight found its way in and with the rim light on Kim’s hair it brought out the same color as the leaves.

Once again the same area but a completely different picture. I think this one turned out almost magical with a black skirt and top with just enough light creating that mystical atmosphere.

Making our way down to the water we found some beautiful places for a relaxed shot against a small wall of rocks. The light hit the rocks just beautifully and I think the shot turned out just great.

I think this shot turned out to be the most editorial of them all with a bit of negative space and a perfect backdrop of rocks and grass taken from a higher angle. Also love how the shadow takes a well deserved spot in the picture.

As a final shot to the little collection we could not stay away from this little pier going out into the sea. Adding a hat and taken from a very low angle creating a beautiful figure and a very different atmosphere.

I have a lot of material left to edit but this was just to give you all an idea of what starts out as an improvised photo excursion on a beautiful morning can look like.

So all that is left for me to say is

Go out there and shoot more, have fun and please post a link in the comments section to your own excursions and improv sessions as I d love to see what you come up with.

As always a big thank you to my partner in crime Kim

Be well



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