Kronovall Art Exhibition

I started my own photographic journey some years ago but over the past 1.5 years I have had my girlfriend by my side going on a journey herself so it was a proud moment for me to see her make it through all the work to get some of her pieces up in an exhibition.

For those of you who are not familiar with photography it is one of those creative outlets where a lot of the work is going on in the background. Tedious work that is of equal importance to get you over the finish line. From that first moment of capturing the image, knowing what you want to do with it, creating a cohesive collection out of your shots, to all the post processing work with endless of creative decisions to make as you go along. The important decisions on resolution, materials to print on, where to print them, how to hang them and so forth. It is a very long process getting together even the smallest of collections for an exhibition but the rewards come once you get to see your artworks hang there.

We decided to work with Qpix located in Gothenburg, Sweden with Henrik helping out making sure the final works came out beautiful. They did an amazing job and I cannot recommend them enough.

The exhibition itself took place at the beautiful grounds of Kronovall on Österlen in collaboration with Lisa Abelsson and Vivianne Rosqvist who hunnybun had a chance to share the exhibition area with.

Below I have documented some of the moments from the journey.

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So on my behalf I d like the congratulate the ladies on a job very well done, it was a beautiful exhibition and if you are in the neighbourhood its hanging until the end of August.

The beautiful torsos are the work of Lisa Abelsson and the glass paintings are from Vivianne Rosqvist.

Be well

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