Kizomba Week

Hi everyone and once again welcome back to this week in pictures and this time its all about Kizomba as the world renowned couple Isabelle and Felicien came to Malmö to have a workshop at Amiralen in Malmö organized by js.caribe (check it out for events and classes). So lets get into the dancing spirit with my first chosen image of the past week.

‘Ballroom dancing’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/22  ISO 800, 1/50sec

My fascination for double exposure continues and with a lot of people dancing in a venue filled with beautiful chandeliers this shot was really bound to happen. Wanted to create a feel of cover photo for elegance mixed with high heels and a nice setting and happy with the result.

Photographing indoors can be a bit demanding at times as it can be very crucial as to what the venue looks like but this time I really think it worked out very nicely and it was perfect for the occasion.

Canon 6d, 100mm, f/20  ISO 1250, 1/80sec

The workshop took place on Amiralen in Malmö and with a bit of sun coming through at the end of the day the light really made it worth it. With a massive wooden floor all the dancers really enjoyed it to the fullest.

‘Dancers in delight’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/2,8  ISO 800, 1/800sec

What was really fun during this event was that the dancers switched dance partners for every new lesson so it was very interesting to follow the different dynamics that was created depending on who was dancing with who and thought this shot turned out beautiful showcasing trust and the love for dance.

‘Queen K’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/2,8  ISO 800, 1/40sec

Had my partner in crime Viveaver with me again as we really enjoy doing these shoots together and it helps to give the client a broader spectrum of pictures to chose from but in one of the breaks we went off exploring the venue a bit more and managed to capture this shot which I really enjoy.

Trying to portray an atmosphere in one shot from these type of events can be difficult but I always like to give it a try.

‘K for Kizomba’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/2,8  ISO 800, 1/2500sec

Happy with this shot as it somehow gives a feel to the energy and passion that goes into this type of dancing.

‘Un paso de pasion’
Canon 6d, 100mm, f/2,8  ISO 800, 1/800sec

Another one to give that feel to what dancing should be all about and I love doing that by using this type of vantage point and depth of field.

Last shot for this week actually comes from the warmup to the workshop as people started dancing the second they walked in the door and loved capturing peoples passion for what they do.

‘Getting ready’
Canon 6d, 35mm Sigma, f/2  ISO 640, 1/600sec

Hope you have all enjoyed the set for this week and coming up next will be France inspired as we will be photographing a french winery on the french riviera this week so expect a fully packed set of shots in the next update.

Also keep your eyes open for my little piece on dancing from a different vantage point which will be published in the near future.

Be well and have a lovely week



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