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5 Tips to make a random photoshoot into something special

So you are in the mood for going out to shoot some fashion photography but you don't have the budget nor the confidence to do it. Here are 5 simple tips that you can use to get started and grow your confidence on your way to bigger things.


Fashion with Hannah

The obstacles and challenges are many shooting fashion but the results can be very rewarding with some beautiful shots. This time Hannah helped us out and she did amazing.


Kronovall Art Exhibition

A little piece on the art exhibition at Kronovall with Kim Blomqvist, Lisa Abelsson and Vivianne Rosqvist.


A Morning Dream – Wall Art For Sale

A Morning Dream was my first little piece of photography I decided to frame and now it is time to sell it. Professionally framed in a series of 8 + the EA. Measurements of 62 x 49 counting the frame and embossed well packaged and ready for transport.


Creative Photography Idea

When was the last time you challenged your photographic mind? How do you incorporate props into your photography and how far are you willing to go in order to create something different? Here is one little idea on how a simple mirror can give you beautiful and creative results.


A day at the beach

A quick little excursion yesterday with no good light, no fancy tools and one simple outfit and still it is possible to produce a great variety of beautiful shots for a little portfolio.


Classy Flash Portraits

Flash Photography is one of those aspects that can take your portraits to the next level. The creative possibilities are endless and it really only wants you to explore more.

RISU-Beard Oil For The Rugged Beard

Finnish beard oil maker RISU has come out with their new oil called Baltic Blue. A premium beard product for the beards that face tough weather conditions while raising awareness for the Baltic Sea and its environmental challenges.

Summer vibes

A beautiful Swedish summer evening and if its something you have learnt over the years as a Swede is to drop whatever you are doing and go out and just live it because you never know when she will show up again.


Red Carpet Moments

A little creative thinking and a red carpet and suddenly you have a natural catwalk seaside and this weeks very special red carpet moment.


Malmö Toughest 2017

As I was celebrating my birthday down in Malmö last Saturday we ran into the obstacle course race Malmö Toughest 2017 and as I always have my camera with me wherever I go I just snapped away.


Flower Cosmos

A new series called Flower Cosmos underway for the webshop. Perfect for dressing up your walls with a splash of color. Order your full res digital version or order a printed version from available sizes.


The Sun, Our everything

Just a little personal reflection on our beloved sun. Our friend, our foe and our everything.

lisa Abelsson-torso-artwork

Österlen and Lisa Abelsson

A visit to Konstrundan Österlen last week and the beautiful artwork from artist Lisa Abelsson.

Café Dornonville

we were out walking looking for a café last Saturday morning we came across this wondeful little place in Malmö...

beautiful bw fashion shot

Photoshoot with Jofama and Skoglunds

Weekend fashion shoot with gorgeous products from Jofama and Skoglunds Malmö.


A day with Hannah

A photo shoot with Hannah Davies showcasing some beautiful raincoats from King Louie by Exota.

Beautiful face and make up

A day of fashion

A day of fashion with brands like Cartier, Hermés, Erich Fend, Cathrine Hammel and Zetterberg Couture all worn by model Embla.

Kullaberg Photo Excursion

Never lose sight of improvisation and fun in your photography. Make sure to always have available time for your own photo excursions. Pack a bag and simply go out there and improvise.

Portrait Delight

What makes for a good portrait? How much technical skill is required? This is my 6 step insights to some of the basic aspects to what I have learnt so far during my photographic journey.

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