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Creating a concept and shooting fashion is a lot of fun and it also makes you realize some of your own weaknesses to achieving those top notch shots. Take the whole make up part for example and yes, I know that there are a lot of very skilled male make up artists out there, but I am unfortunately not one of them…yet

The whole styling part of a fashion shoot is something very complicated and I am very fortunate to have a girlfriend that has a great eye for these kind of things. I am picking up a lot of knowledge along the way but it is like an entire science really.
Wardrobe is another area which one needs to pay great attention to because it really is what breaks or makes your shoot. Get a hold of cool clothes is paramount and if that means you having to walk into a store asking to collaborate then so be it or maybe you are fortunate to photograph someone who has an extensive wardrobe themselves already or have a girlfriend that has some beautiful dresses hanging around:)

Either way, its these things that really makes a massive difference in what type of shots you will end up with no matter how good of a photographer you are.

We did a shoot in some beautiful gardens the other day with Hannah as she has the type of look that would go inline with what we were after, specifically that little bit of vintage style with bigger puffy hair, lipstick and more make up around the eyes.

Hannah did amazing and she was very natural throughout the entire shoot. I am personally very happy with the results and I feel I have climbed yet another step on the skills ladder.

Take a look at the gallery for samples below and let me know what you think.

[envira-gallery id=”56550″]

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