Dance and couple Week

Welcome back for a week in pictures and during this one I did shoot a bit of everything but the main thing was a photoshoot in Malmö with the lovely couple Maria and Nils together with my partner in crime and since I ended up with quite a bit of pictures I will dedicate this week to that particular shoot.

It is amazing what a difference it makes having the pleasure to photograph a couple that has a passion for dancing. It gives a whole new dimension to composition and mood in the pictures.

Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/5,6 ISO 500, 1/1600sec
Models:Maria and Nils

Just a strong pose with Maria and Nils with a gorgeous backdrop depicting Calatrava´s Swedish masterpiece Turning Torso. Just a simple yet strong moody image with all the necessary elements to a feelgood picture.

‘Calatrava´s legacy’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/5,6 ISO 500, 1/1600sec
Models:Maria and Nils

Once again taking advantage of the gorgeous Malmö landmark but this time adding a bit of motion and making sure Maria got to showcase all that hair. Very happy with the shot as it gives a very dreamy feel.

‘Intense tango’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/5,6 ISO 500, 1/1600sec
Models:Maria and Nils

Once again playing on a very strong pose but also making sure to get down really low to increase the powerful feeling of the couple even more. Very strong eyes on this one which adds that extra spice to the image.

Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/4 ISO 500, 1/4000sec
Models:Maria and Nils

My favorite on a photoshoot is always having a chance to catch people off guard right in between the shots which always give s a very natural feel to the image.Very happy with his one as I think it showcases the connection and feeling that exist between the two.

‘In my arms I will carry her’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/3,2 ISO 640, 1/320sec
Models:Maria and Nils

Continuing on the actual couple theme I wanted to catch the two in their own little bubble and so happy this one turned out the way it did as it really speaks for itself in regards to what they feel for each other.

Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/4 ISO 640, 1/640sec
Models:Maria and Nils

To finish the week I chose this one as I think it can be a great shot to end the summer with. The light and feeling just screams Swedish late summer evening and as we are heading towards September I think it was a wonderful way to end it.

Hope you all have enjoyed it and lets look forward to next week with new adventures and Mallorca on the agenda:)

Be well




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