Creative Photography Idea

Last Sunday we wanted to create something different and the mind is always thinking about new things to try out. Props can make a huge difference in creating a new concept as can be seen with the little idea I had some weeks ago with the red carpet.

This time we went with a mirror idea and not only that, but to get it to a place where it stands out and creates a strong contrast. So said and done, packing up this huge ass mirror in the trunk and driving into the woods.
Heavy and demanding getting all the stuff to a place that we wanted…oh yes but the reward comes when you get a lot of new beautiful material to edit through.

I always think a lot about stark contrasts when trying to go creative, putting people and things in places or settings where you don’t expect them to be etc.


It can be a wise idea to leave all the stuff in the car before and go check out the place where you want to shoot before making the big move.

Then its time to look for the light, that precious and in this bloody country very rare sunlight.

Try out leaning the mirror, putting it on the ground, lean against not only the trees but perhaps against branches thick enough to hold it up.
Bring a lot of different outfits for the shoot so you can take full advantage of the massive effort you have already done. No time to hold back now.

Take some test shots in the different setups to try out the light and composition before you get started in dealing with what outfits to use etc.


Once you have a setting that you like begin going through poses and outfits to give you an idea of what you can create and trust me it will come to you once you stand there.


There is another pretty obvious advantage of this mirror idea and that is of course the help it gives you making sure make up is on point as well as the different outfits.


Now you are all set and time to get really creative. Just go crazy and try absolutely everything that comes to mind. Walk around the scene to try different angles, push your model with the posing. Use the reflection of the mirror for some stunning portraits and don’t forget to shoot scenes that just incorporate the mirror as that is where the stark contrast lies.

See below for six samples post edit results from this session.

Big thanks to Kim Blomqvist for modelling and for making it into not only a fun but also very creative shoot.

Big hug to you all and hope you have a great week.