Commissioned work week

Hi all and welcome back to our weekly little get together. As Mallorca took up a lot of the time beginning of the week there really hasn’t been much time for shooting apart from the commissioned work for a webpage on personal growth and fitness which took place on Thursday evening in Malmö. Therefore this weeks shots will be from that photo shoot with Marina.

As always my beloved co-photographer Viveaver was by my side producing a lot of wonderful shots too so make sure to check out her page.

We also managed to set up our common Facebook page as a photography team so make sure to have a look at that one too as it grows at Viveaver&byakapov.

So lets start of with some shots of the week and we can start with the fitness part.

‘Strong pose’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/5,6  ISO 400, 1/400sec

Just a simple shot of a strong pose adding a bit of subtle environment to it while keeping focus on the concept of a physically strong body.

‘Yoga strength’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/4,5  ISO 800, 1/640sec

‘Beautiful strength’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/8  ISO 500, 1/2000sec

Keeping on the concept of physical strength it is important to take in both balance and flexibility into the equation and adding some different poses to showcase it.

Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/2,8  ISO 800, 1/800sec

Strength as a whole concept of course entails so much more than just the physical part and the inner peace of mind is just as important. Just wanted to produce an image that advocates tranquility and peace of mind situated in the calmness of nature.

‘In the presence of flowers’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/3,5  ISO 1000, 1/125sec

Once again I personally believe the nature to be of an enormous help with it comes to giving us that tranquility that all of us many times so desperately long for and something that can be explored much more in research and scientific terms in regards to its actual benefit on us all.

‘I will do this’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/3,2  ISO 800, 1/1250sec

I always want to add a couple of black and white shots to every set I produce as it brings a whole different mood to what color can achieve.

‘Its all in your power’
Canon 6d, 100mm Macro, f/4,5  ISO 250, 1/125sec

So to finish off the week in pictures all I can say is that everything you ever wanted always lies within your own reach and within your own power.

Be well and have a wonderful week

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