Classy Flash Portraits

Photography as a creative outlet is really up to oneself how far you want to take it as there is a never ending stream of creative opportunities to follow. Flash photography can be something very daunting at first but even at first glance and just dipping your toes really does take especially your portraits to the next level.

Last night I decided to take the leap as I bought some very basic lightning gear some two years ago and I thought it was finally time to get into it.

I personally think the editing becomes a lot more exciting for some reason and I am stoked over the results with one basic light setup.


With this first shot I wanted to push the boundaries a bit creating a very dark nights tone which I absolutely love with the model staring straight at the camera for that extra intensity.


On this second one I wanted to go for a much more soft look with emphasis on the smooth colours bringing out a more relaxed and glamour vibe.

With number three I just wanted to go a bit more crazy and create something completely different from the first two. Going with a very harsh edit bringing out a much more surreal look.

With the next one I just wanted to stick to a plain and straight forward black and white portrait with a classic composition.


Here I wanted to bring out those warm golden tones of the skin with the beautiful hair playing a leading role.


For the last sample from yesterdays flash inauguration I have my favourite one. A very classic French style gorgeous black and white portrait. So happy with this one as I think the composition is spot on and the face comes out absolutely spectacular.

If you haven’t tried out flash photography yet you sure ought to and as far as online support and help I think this page is outstanding.

Big thanks to my darling Viveaver for modelling yesterday.

Have a great weekend everyone



Looking forward to your thoughts