Behind the laughter

All countries have their own small local festivals and markets and for many it serves as a yearly highlight in their rural communities. Travelling bands, food trucks and theme parks join forces to create some sort of eclectic mix of trying to satisfy mans every short term consumer desire in the shortest timespan possible. Whilst many people truly enjoy days of market life and rollercoaster rides while pushing down a Mexican taco I cannot help but feel a strong contrast and it becomes especially visible when visiting these places just before or at the end of the show. There is a sense of desperation and anxiety that fills the air for me when documenting behind the scenes at these type of events. Perhaps that speaks more of me than the actual event itself.


I don’t know exactly what brings out these emotions in me but the laughter and joy you see on peoples faces enjoying the event and venue are long gone around the first tent corner seeing all the people working behind the scenes. Its like a real time life theatre in a way.


Perhaps it exists everywhere but the contrast becomes so much more evident when you see very happy people on one side and very much the opposite on the other.

theme park-tivoli-market

Sometimes its like time actually stands still in these places for me. Its the same concept every single year and most things look exactly the same apart from the occasional new food dish.

Its a fascinating part of the Swedish culture documenting these type of happenings as it gives a very honest and heartfelt look into the common Swede and their sparetime.




Its a very intriguing type of documenting anyways and I always strive for finding those societal contrasts that we are surrounded by.
This was a little piece on scratching the surface on what can best be described as humans need of familiarisation and how many peoples happiness really comes with the requirement of knowing what you have and stick to that but the people behind the scenes making it happen for the common man and woman seem to pay a hefty price tag in their own quality of life for it.

Bye for now and have a wonderful end to your year:)