Beard Nation

Fashion come and fashion go. What is popular today can get you expelled in the fashion crowd tomorrow.
Beard on the other hand is still a trend that is holding its ground for a substantial time despite the rumors of bringing back the clean-shaved male face.

As a pretty lazy man myself in regards to the fashion world my only rule is go with whatever makes you feel the most attractive and I just happen to feel comfortable with a bit of a thicker beard. But it is really in the role as a photographer that it tickles my interest from a fashionable perspective and being November and all what better time than to give that little bit of extra tribute to the male beard, because after all, who knows, perhaps this little piece might be outdated by the time we all wake up tomorrow.

What are your views on this male phenomena that is still going strong in many parts of our world. For or against?

All the best and may you all have a great week ahead of you