Swedish creative who decided to do something with my love and passion for photography.

Been working hard during the past three years in creating a platform for myself in photography and making it into a career that I can make a living off.

During 13 years abroad I have been working in everything from the native advertising industry traveling the world creating special advertising sections for a variety of countries to the cruise industry serving both on board and in ports to several manual positions with companies such as IKEA to logistics running a smaller distributions company out of Sweden to brand representative on high end events to building green houses in the Australian outback.

Moving back “home” has given me the opportunity to dedicate more time to my photography as well as planning and analyzing the possibilities into making it into a viable long term career. Photography can never just be a regular 9 to 5 “job” for me as I put my entire persona and soul into it on a daily basis without any thoughts about how long it takes. It is my everything and one way or another it will work out enabling me to work full time with what I want in life.

I am generally fascinated by all genres of photography but I do thrive extra in the areas that involve people both commercially and personally. I love the combination of visuals and the written word so I am very interested in creating business collaborations with writing my own articles mixed with photos.

I am already running a collaboration with Viveaver and we also have our shared Facebook platform over at Viveaver&Byakapov

Welcome to my world

Photo Credit: Viveaver

Looking forward to your thoughts