5 Tips to make a random photoshoot into something special

Starting up as a photographer or even if you just have photography as a simple hobby you will have to be very inventive and take advantage of friends, partners and family when doing your photoshoots in the beginning. A lot of fashion shots you see are pretty big productions both in regards to makeup, hair, location, clothes and lightning but I want to show you some tips that can get you a long way in creating some beautiful results from any random day.
Just because you don’t have any budget for shooting doesn’t mean you can’t prepare and plan things. People that are great with doing their own makeup helps a lot as well as someone who likes fashion and has a wardrobe with some fun stuff. Sunrise is my time of choice but every time of the day has its charm really.

For me photography is a lot about mindset and I always find myself thinking a lot when on a shoot. I am exhausted mentally coming back from a shoot so my reward is seeing the results.

So here comes 5 tips on what you can have in mind next time you head out on that weekend morning with a friend wanting to create something special.


We all know that the composition is many times what makes or break a photo so it cannot be stressed enough to work hard on finding those hardcore angles. The many times mentioned rules of getting in closer than you think and getting down really low really is something that can make wonders. So many things have been done already so its time to go a bit more crazy. Use something like a 35mm lens, get down really low and shoot someone walking vertically and see what you get. DO NOT BE AFRAID to try out some crazy angles.



Professionals might have a big advantage in regards to equipment and the technical abilities through experience but what everyone out there has on equal terms is our brain and especially contrasts. So much has been done in todays world of photography but something that will always be current is contrasts. Just go crazy with contrasts. High heels in the forest, mix anything that creates a strong contrast and you will be on your way. Every time you get a chance to go to a beautiful location make sure to take advantage of it by creating some crazy contrasts.

3.Make something new look old

That old 60´s and 70´s look is just so beautiful and it really gives a great sense of professionalism when you look at it. This tip is more directed towards your way of editing your photos. Try out your photos in black and white editing and really push for that old vintage look as they will give a whole different life to your photos.


Wherever you might be shooting there will always be something that can make up for a cool background. One of the biggest issues I encounter in that people think to big and therefor it is easy to miss out on backgrounds that can create a great feel to your shots. What I am asking you to do is to think more when walking around a location.

5.Get in much closer than you think

This is probably something you have heard many times but it cannot be stressed enough to create a feeling of filling the frame. A portrait that fills the frame really is something that is timeless and you still have a lot of options in what you want to create with it but make sure to really get in close and by close I mean closer than you probably think.

Those are 5 of the tips that can hopefully inspire you to take a random shoot to the next level.

Hope you enjoyed it

Big thank you to Kim for modelling last Sunday morning.

Have a great weekend everyone